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A.I. Basics for Business by Coach Gregg Elias, M.B.A.

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This is not business coaching... this is a software platform with pre-built content and systems, plus business coaching if you want it...

The principles in this program come from the FitHive owners' collective experience building 6 and 7-figure businesses in the fitness space. The same principles have gone into the engineering of own very own platform.  We will teach you and provide you with everything you'll need to succeed with or without the FitHive platform.

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I'm tech savvy and a content creator, I just need guidance on putting it all together into an online system I can market to build a book of happy clients.

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I'm tech savvy but not big into creating my own content. I want the content provided but I'll take care of branding and setup my own systems .

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I'm new to the industry, just starting out, or honestly just someone who loves coaching and hates computers and wants someone else to just do it for them..

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All of our content is geared toward helping you learn how to systematize your fitness empire.

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And reclaim your freedom!  In this course we will cover:

  • Setting up lead-ads that funnel into your drip sequences
  • Creating an onboarding course for your new members to get started
  • Developing a system for retaining clients and scaling your business
  • Find out more today!

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Our Team of Fitness Tech Nerds Will Help You establish a system that you can scale. This starts with strategy sessions regarding your brand and community, and ending with a fully operational system for closing new leads and onboarding new clients, and retaining them for years!

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We look forward to watching you actualize your coaching dreams.

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